Why Yoga is more popular among women than men


by Sande Waybill 

Before I start on my ramblings, I need to declare that I am a guy who practices Yoga. To me, Yoga is just a good sport to keep myself happy and healthy. A lot of men see yoga only as an alternative to aerobics or other keep fit classes, which are generally dominated by the female population, rather than as the total fitness regime covering internal well being as well as breathing techniques and exercise that yoga is. Or possibly, its just that guys look ugly doing Yoga that made it unappealing to a guy.

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Ways to boost memory for Baby Boomers


There is a saying that applies to both mental and physical fitness in later life… “Use it or lose it”!

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Treatment for Sciatica


Sciatica treatment is diverse and it should take into consideration that apart from the obvious relief of pain, it should also include diagnosis of why the patient suffered sciatica in the first place since this may pinpoint areas of weakness that contribute to the trapping of the sciatic nerve in the first place, which is a sign that something is wrong and should also be addressed.

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Online Yoga Practice and Recommended Books


When practicing yoga at home rather than in a class, you do not have access to an instructor to assist you to obtain each asana with ease. The importance of taking step-by-step moves to attain the required position, rather than rushing into it or wobbling with awkwardness and unsureness, often leads to searching for alternative sources for this knowledge.

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Popular myths about Yoga


Yoga has become a widespread practice during the last 30 years. Misconceptions of this ancient method have kept people from trying yoga classes. Here you will learn that yoga is not just lessons on postures but a foundation of observance of principles put into effect to live life in harmony in today society. If practiced, regularly and with proper understanding, it can greatly benefit all aspects of life.

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7 Foods to keep you young

Warning: Skip this page if you are hungry! I’m serious!

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Adele – Hometown glory