Busy busy busy

I really should be writing more often given that i am semi retired and have all the time in the world. But before you start jumping at me, i have to tell you that i have been busying myself with a lot of things.

I’ve started to read excessively on investment books. I know that this isn’t the right time to get invested with all the subprime hoo haa in the US. On hindsight, the investments made by GIC and Temasek Holdings were horrible. Imagine them throwing our hard earned CPF money into the firepit. Damn… Earlier i have already highlighted some of the risks of investing in the US investment banks and i was right! I just wish that we wouldn’t be so impulsive and should have waited for the credits issues to settle first.

A lot of other unfortunate things also happened in Singapore recently. We were thrown in the spotlight  for all the reasons this time. JI leader, Mas Selamat, leader of a terrorist network in Singapore escaped from detention last week. Thousands of police and army personnel have been deployed to hunt him down but to no effect. Sigh…. I seriously cannnot understand how this lapse of security could happen right under our noses. And apparently it happened while he was using the toilet.

I just hope that this event will not come back to haunt us in future.

Besides reading investment books, i’ve also started on doing some recreational stuff. I’ve just picked up yoga in one of the community centres and have been practicing it tirelessly with my partner. I’ve barely managed to do the Salamba Sirsasana, meaning the headstand pose. I nearly broke my neck in the process. Ouch..


I will be sharing some of the things i’ve learned in the next few weeks. Till then take care and have fun boomering!


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