Popular myths about Yoga


Yoga has become a widespread practice during the last 30 years. Misconceptions of this ancient method have kept people from trying yoga classes. Here you will learn that yoga is not just lessons on postures but a foundation of observance of principles put into effect to live life in harmony in today society. If practiced, regularly and with proper understanding, it can greatly benefit all aspects of life.

Myth- Yoga is viewed as a sport
Fact- Yoga is a practice of physical postures. Yoga is an all around personal exercises program. Although viewed for its physical stretching compare to sports yoga is an art that helps to develop body, mind and spirit.

Myth- The most important part of yoga is physical
Fact- Moral perceptions and harmony with both society and ones self is practiced from an ancient system of yoga. Understanding the principles of physical wealth, consciousness, contentment and purity of mind effect the inner development allowing one to live in peace and harmony.

Myth- Yoga is only for women
Fact- The majority of yoga participants are women, but women aren’t the only ones looking for inner peace of mind. More men are turning to yoga for physical, mental and spiritual health methods.

Myth- Everyone practices the same postures
Fact- Everyone has different medical needs and flexibility. Yoga offers a wide variety of postures ranged on difficulty levels from 1-9. Although in a class you may see all of the group performing the same posture, there is need for one to work up to these levels. Avoid injury from tearing soft tissue or muscle, allowing personal growth in flexibility and increasing levels of difficulty at ones own pace is suggested.

Myth- Outdoors is the best place for yoga
Fact- Keeping a controlled temperature is vital to concentration. Even the smallest breeze or change in temperatures can create uncomfortable situations. Even when indoors, open windows or doors can create undesired breezes. It is even suggested that ceiling or box fans be turned off while performing yoga.

Myth- Incense is used with yoga
Fact- Although both yoga and incense stem mainly from India, burning incense is frowned upon by yoga instructors. Yoga should be in a smoke free environment. Incense can hinder the atmosphere and disturb on from going within. Burning incense is a nice added feature for meditation and before or after postures in order to create a nice atmosphere.

by Alisa Mantall


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