Online Yoga Practice and Recommended Books


When practicing yoga at home rather than in a class, you do not have access to an instructor to assist you to obtain each asana with ease. The importance of taking step-by-step moves to attain the required position, rather than rushing into it or wobbling with awkwardness and unsureness, often leads to searching for alternative sources for this knowledge.

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Whereas initially taking a class with an approved instructor and then commencing on your own private yoga practice is one option, there are several resources for step-by-step yoga postures available without the cost of group practice or individual instruction.You might consider purchasing or borrowing a yoga book. A good bookstore should be able to recommend a suitable title for you. There are often a few available in stock. It is worthwhile glancing through each to ensure that the book you choose is what you are looking for prior to actual purchase. A library will also be able to assist in recommending a yoga guide. You may wish to borrow a few to see which method you feel most comfortable with before purchasing a specific book at a store, or just to learn from the book before returning it.Some recommended books:

1)      The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga (Paperback)

2)      Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners (Hardcover)


Another option is to search online. There are many websites that deal with each variation of yoga, and some of these will offer instruction in the form of diagrams or videos at their website. You can also search for local yoga groups online. In case you are having difficulty with a specific pose, some instructors will accept email inquiries and be glad to assist you with your problems and questions.

One yoga website that I tried and recommend is Yogayak. It has many resources and articles to read on. Their training is done at a very comfortable pace making it easy even for the elderly to understand.  Each lesson is about 50 minutes, more than sufficient to give us a complete workout.  The best part about online classes is that it is convenient to refer back to the previous training whenever there is a need to. The videos are also professionally done giving a very tranquil setting for people to follow. I come out with each lesson feeling relaxed and calm.  The best part however is their customer support where queries are promptly replied. Have fun with Yoga!




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