Why Yoga is more popular among women than men


by Sande Waybill 

Before I start on my ramblings, I need to declare that I am a guy who practices Yoga. To me, Yoga is just a good sport to keep myself happy and healthy. A lot of men see yoga only as an alternative to aerobics or other keep fit classes, which are generally dominated by the female population, rather than as the total fitness regime covering internal well being as well as breathing techniques and exercise that yoga is. Or possibly, its just that guys look ugly doing Yoga that made it unappealing to a guy.

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Women are likely to start to try yoga, thinking it may assist their shape, weight, or flexibility, and then keep going as they discover the other benefits. In the sixties, yoga became popular due to TV series introducing it into every lounge room. It is currently starting a new wave of popularity, as more people are searching to not only improve their physical condition, but escape from the pressures and stress of modern life, and to discover more about their spiritual well being than purely seeking a well-toned body.  

Men tend to hold back on participating without encouragement or suggestion, as the gym is a more macho option for keeping physically fit and there is a tendency towards opting to read rather than practice, or ignoring their inner health. Once realizing the potential of yoga, many men do begin to participate and consequently take up regular practice.

In the last article I read concerning yoga, which was in the local newspaper this week, there are two pictures of a yoga class. These depict six women and no men. Perhaps if the media were to reinforce the unisex aspect along with the benefits, more men would be encouraged to explore this realm. There are currently some countries in the world where yoga is popular with both sexes and also some cities where there is an equality of both male and female participants. However, the overall trend appears to be for yoga to be more popular with women than men.

More articles on benefits and facts of Yoga
Online Yoga Practice and Recommended Books 


One response to “Why Yoga is more popular among women than men

  1. I’m not sure about where you live, but here our yoga classes are taught mostly by men and attended at least 1/2 by men 1/2 by women. A little more positive advertising towards men might help? It’s just a great way to keep in shape (body and mind). Thanks for the post!

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