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Ways to boost memory for Baby Boomers


There is a saying that applies to both mental and physical fitness in later life… “Use it or lose it”!

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7 Foods to keep you young

Warning: Skip this page if you are hungry! I’m serious!

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Gen X, Baby Boomers need more sleep

Close to a quarter of all Australians are working at less than full capacity because they are sleep deprived, a new survey of the sleeping habits of more than 3000 people around the country has found.

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How to eat smart – Part 3 (Nutrients for the brain)

Nutrients for Neurotransmitters

The brain deploys a multitude of biochemicals to carry out its many cognitive tasks and make you happy, calm, alert, relaxed, energized, or motivated. Helping orchestrate every thought, feeling, and movement are the neurotransmitters, perhaps the best known of which is serotonin, whose functions include sleep regulation and anxiety reduction. Another key neurotransmitter is acetylcholine, essential in memory formation and maintenance. And count in dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, collectively called catecholamines, which control arousal and anxiety states.

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How to keep the mind healthy and alert – Baby Boomers

Sudoku and other tough puzzles may have found popularity recently with the “I want to keep my brain fit” crowd, but good old-fashioned board games can keep you smart too.

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How to eat smart – Part 2

The Sludge Factor

What is the blood fat-depression connection? In a word, viscosity. A high triglyceride level increases blood sludginess, says Glueck. It’s harder for blood to transport sufficient oxygen to brain cells. Under such conditions, mini brain lesions and blood clots may form. Those affected may exhibit symptoms of so-called organic brain syndrome, among them depression and hostility. Lowering triglyceride levels normalizes serum viscosity and reverses cerebral oxygen deficiency.

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Baby Boomers feeling more active than ever

(NAPSI)-Members of the baby boomer generation have grown up at the forefront of major cultural, economic and political changes. Now, they’re redefining what getting older means as they are much more committed to living healthier, more active lifestyles than any generation before them.

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