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7 Foods to keep you young

Warning: Skip this page if you are hungry! I’m serious!

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How to eat smart – Part 2

The Sludge Factor

What is the blood fat-depression connection? In a word, viscosity. A high triglyceride level increases blood sludginess, says Glueck. It’s harder for blood to transport sufficient oxygen to brain cells. Under such conditions, mini brain lesions and blood clots may form. Those affected may exhibit symptoms of so-called organic brain syndrome, among them depression and hostility. Lowering triglyceride levels normalizes serum viscosity and reverses cerebral oxygen deficiency.

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How to eat smart – You are what you eat (Part 1)

You are what you eat, not only physically but mentally as well…

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Britain tops fast-food league, as world obesity grows: study

The entry title speaks for itself…. world obesity has grown. Sometimes it makes me wonder how people can get fat. Don’t kill me cause fat has never ever been asssociated with me.

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How to eat healthy for baby boomers and seniors


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